DCOM Statement re News Reports on BIR Tax Cases Against Online Retailers

In the light of several recent news reports on tax cases filed by BIR against online retailers, the Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines (DCOM) believes that Ensogo (DCOM member) and CashCashPinoy, among our country’s pioneering e-commerce companies, will responsibly settle whatever misunderstanding they have with the BIR.

DCOM believes that e-commerce companies should pay their taxes correctly and is one with the BIR in nation-building.

DCOM will continue to dialogue with the BIR to apprise its members of any new tax rulings and to work in partnership with the BIR to ensure the continued growth of this nascent industry through forward-thinking taxation rules that will make us competitive against our ASEAN neighbors.

Official Statement by 2014 Board of Directors
February 9,2015